Hello world!

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    1. Hi Hans! Good to see the GEOS world is alive ;:) I just sent out the infos to all registered users, how to access the personal serial numbers. I’m sorry it took me some time to set this up! Take care the codes are valid only for the software package available in the Downloads section. Best, Falk

  1. Thanks Falk,
    I have installed your version of Breadbox Ensemble in DOSBox on my Raspberry Pi tablet, working things out. It is a bit of fiddle with the resolutions on the tablet to fit the screen, in this case the monitor utility from Jörg is very helpful. I understand that working things out will take time when it is done in spare time. Keep up the good work with Geos! 🙂


    1. Thank you for using/trying GEOS. Yes, the version is compiled from the same source code used to make the latest Breadbox Ensemble. Please let us know if there are any issues. We are preparing a new version based on the open source version of GEOS that will be available soon, but is expected to be compatible with Breadbox Ensemble.

  2. Hello 🙂 Thanks for releasing the source! I’ve been tinkering with the source code and got some of the Breadbox programs and games compiled using the SDK on here (as well as the old DOS SDK), though I was wondering if the original pre-compiled versions of the programs and games (I.e. FontMagick and the Arcade game packs) that were on sale on the Breadbox website will be made available?


    1. Hi Dan, thank you for supporting PC/GEOS! Once we are done with cleanup and refactoring the source to properly build #FreeGEOS SDK, there will be a build variant covering the application mentioned also as binary download for registered users.


      1. Hi Falk,
        Tanks for your response. One more thing I was wondering, will the help files associated with the various programs (including the core programs) be released, or are they already on GitHub (and I’ve missed them)?


    1. Once your registration is complete you will receive an Email with more instructions, basically the MyGEOS section will then hold you personal serial number together with the license agreement.


      1. Hi,
        I registered and as far as I can tell the registration process is complete. However there is no serial number in the MyGEOS section. Is something broken?

        1. Hi CJ!
          We just processed you registration. We are very sorry for the huge delay, first part of the summer was very busy at our end. Best! Happy GEOSing…

  3. Hello, Falk! So glad to see you (and quite a few other names I recognize) keeping the GEOS torch alive. I started using GEOS since New Deal Office 3.0, and I was impressed with the speed and ease of use. I was able to get Breadbox Ensemble installed on top of FreeDOS 1.2 with an old Dell laptop, though it crashes frequently!

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to code, though I would be eager to learn! What ways could I help you and the others here help move FreeGEOS forward? Thanks!

    1. Hello Steve!
      Thank you very much for your feedback. There are and will be a lot of ways to help. In the first hand spread the word of #FreeGEOS is a valuable starting point. Using GEOS, giving feedback, report bugs, share wishes once a first version of FreeGEOS becomes available, is welcome and will help to improve.

  4. Greetings from Texas! FreeGEOS is a great idea. I’ve gotten Frank’s Breadbox Ensemble running on DOSBox and FreeDOS (bare metal and VMs).

    Looking forward to building a FreeGEOS development environment!

    1. Hey Ray,
      thank you very much for your welcome! Looking forward to hear about your experience with running and building for it 🙂 Any support is welcome.
      We will be back on getting #FreeGEOS more complete and ready for initial testing very soon.
      All best,

  5. I picked up the Ensemble version provided in the downloads section, but I don’t know if it’s missing something or if I am; in FreeDOS 1.2 in VirtualBox it consistently tosses UI-03, “Unable to load the specific UI library file”. Without much prior PC/GEOS experience I’m at something of a loss; that error message doesn’t seem like much to go on.

    1. Have you added c:\ensemble to the path, in autoexec.bat in FreeDOS? The suggested solution to this error in the Geos support files are reinstallation, however I don’t know if it correct in this case.

        1. No, it is not likely related to registration needs.

          It’s more likely related to FreeDOS and it’s setup. We currenlty mainly support and test DOSBox target, we probably need to support and test FreeDOS as well.

          Best, Falk

  6. Is it possible to add a setting to the graphics drivers in VESA mode to keep aspect ratio (4/3)? Like for example with a check box. Many modern monitors auto-strech the image, which makes it distorted. I would prefer to have the correct aspect ratio.


  7. Hallo Geos-Welt!
    Seit vielen Monden habe ich mein GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0 nicht mehr genutzt. Jetzt will ich die “letzte” Variante auch einmal testen.
    Wird es das Breadbox Ensemble 4.13 auch in deutsch geben?
    Welche CPU benötigt man, um es auf reinem MS-DOS zu nutzen?

  8. Hi all,

    it’s great to see, that the PC/GEOS code is released as open source 🙂 Geos Ensemble 1.2 was the first UI I used and was bundled with my first 286 PC. So it’s some kind of time travel.

    I’m one of the organisers of the “Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage” (kielux.de), a conferece (talks and workshops) with smal exhibition for Linux and opensource in general. In the past we had different FLOSS operating system projects (FreeDOS with Jim Hall himself, Reactos, BSD, etc.) as guests and maybe someone want to join and presenting PC/GEOS?

    Is anybody interested to hold a talk or give a workshop during our next event on 18th or 19th of Semptember 2020 or to make a booth?

    In the meanwhile it would be possible to organise a PC/GEOS day or a “hackathon” for developes, if there is interest from your side, at the same location (kitz-kiel.de).

    Just write me (hauke@pc-kiel.de), if you have questions or are interested in any kind of presentation or hackathon in Kiel.

    Cu Hauke

  9. Hello I have written Euroconverter for Geoworks long time ago.
    I have also found in Calculator Car Milage the faulty calculation .
    In the free release I see the fault also.
    The formule :
    ($1-$0)/$2 is fault it should be: $2/($1-$0)*100
    Thanks to have make Geos Opensource.

    1. Hi Nico, nice to hear from you and see you registered here. Because we push PC/GEOS to open source you are very welcome to support us and send your fixed via github. Best, Falk

  10. Hallo Frank,
    I am new on this side. In the 90th I used GEOWORKS privat and for my work. I loved it very much. To continue my experience I tried to download the free version from this side and to install it. Unfortinately it stopped because the code to registrate is missing. Where can I get it?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Uli,
      thank for registering and your ongoing interest in GEOS technology. We just updated your registration and your code now should be available in the MyGEOS section of you account after login.

      Sorry for the delay, crazy times. Feel free to ask further questions, in case you still experience installation problems or otherwise.

      All best,

  11. Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone has had luck getting Ensemble 4.13 to run on a 286 machine? I am trying it out (just for fun) with PCem simulating a 286 machine but it gives a KR-07 error when the splash screen loads, and crashes during the “Initializing Scrub Thread” according to the log. I have also tried it with EMU386 which emulates 386 real mode instructions but it does the same thing. Apparently it is possible to run Ensemble on a 186 FGPA system with EMU386:


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  12. I registered and I do not see a code on my geos page, so I have not been able to install geos. Is there a step I missed?

    Thanks for making geos open source!

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