Hello world!

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    1. Hi Hans! Good to see the GEOS world is alive ;:) I just sent out the infos to all registered users, how to access the personal serial numbers. I’m sorry it took me some time to set this up! Take care the codes are valid only for the software package available in the Downloads section. Best, Falk

  1. Thanks Falk,
    I have installed your version of Breadbox Ensemble in DOSBox on my Raspberry Pi tablet, working things out. It is a bit of fiddle with the resolutions on the tablet to fit the screen, in this case the monitor utility from Jörg is very helpful. I understand that working things out will take time when it is done in spare time. Keep up the good work with Geos! 🙂


    1. Thank you for using/trying GEOS. Yes, the version is compiled from the same source code used to make the latest Breadbox Ensemble. Please let us know if there are any issues. We are preparing a new version based on the open source version of GEOS that will be available soon, but is expected to be compatible with Breadbox Ensemble.

  2. Hello 🙂 Thanks for releasing the source! I’ve been tinkering with the source code and got some of the Breadbox programs and games compiled using the SDK on here (as well as the old DOS SDK), though I was wondering if the original pre-compiled versions of the programs and games (I.e. FontMagick and the Arcade game packs) that were on sale on the Breadbox website will be made available?


    1. Hi Dan, thank you for supporting PC/GEOS! Once we are done with cleanup and refactoring the source to properly build #FreeGEOS SDK, there will be a build variant covering the application mentioned also as binary download for registered users.


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